About MedEast

MedEast Post-Op & Surgical, Inc. (“MedEast”) is one of the premier prosthetics and custom orthotics providers in Philadelphia, serving patients across New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware. We provide preventative, rehabilitative, and deformity correction products for infants, children, adolescents, and adult patients with orthopedic and prosthetic needs. The practitioners at MedEast have extensive experience and use up to date techniques and materials to create a device that accommodates the patient’s specific medical and personal needs. Our team of 25 professionals throughout the tri-state region services thousands of patients annually.

Our organization has expanded and grown to allow us to assist patients in a variety of different arenas. In addition to providing prosthetics and custom orthotics care at our Philadelphia offices, we also visit hospitals, physician offices, physical therapy centers, and patient homes.

  • Prosthetics/Bionics

    Our team of ABC certified and licensed practitioners and technicians focus is on each patient’s specific needs and goals. Their number one priority is producing the optimal outcome in prosthetics for each patient in Philadelphia or across the tri-state area. With the use of state-of-the-art technology, such as lightweight materials and computer controlled components, the practitioners at MedEast create prosthetic limbs that replicate human limbs as close as possible in terms of form and function.

  • Custom Orthotics

    We specialize in custom fabricated orthotic devices. ABC practitioners will evaluate, design, fabricate and fit the best orthotic or prosthetic device that meets each patient’s individual needs and physical capabilities, based on their physician’s requirements. In order to provide the most appropriate custom orthotics for our patients in Philadelphia or across the tri-state area, we use the best available innovative technology, components and materials. Our goal is to improve the patient’s function and mobility, so they are able to get back to… LIFE.

  • Cranial Helmets

    Our Class 2 (eye-safe) lasers scan the exact 3D shape & size of the infant’s head in less time!

    The STARscannerâ„¢ utilizes Type I lasers (eye-safe lasers) to scan the exact three-dimensional shape and size of the infant’s head. This highly accurate data is then used to fabricate a custom cranial remolding orthoses. Prior to this type of laser scanning technology being available, a casting process was required that was messy, took a relatively long time, and in some cases was traumatic for the infant and the parents.

  • Ribbons with Hope

    Our mission is to make you feel comfortable every step of the way from pre-mastectomy consultations to post-mastectomy care. Our staff will ensure that you receive the most up to date prostheses, bras, and accessories for your body type and lifestyle.

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