Custom Laminated Direct Socket in an Hour

MedEast is the leading independent provider in the United States who have trained and certified staff to fit and configure the Össur Direct Socket System.

Welcome to the future of prosthetic comfort and performance with Össur Direct Socket System provided by MedEast – a revolutionary advancement in prosthetic socket design. At MedEast, we understand the unique needs of amputees, and our Direct Socket System is designed to redefine the prosthetic experience.

Say goodbye to the limitations of traditional sockets. The Direct Socket System offers a personalized and dynamic fit by utilizing cutting-edge technology and innovative design principles. Our implementation process incorporates advanced materials and precise measurements, ensuring a socket that not only fits seamlessly but adapts to your body’s movements.

Join the countless individuals who have embraced the Direct Socket System and unlocked a new chapter in their prosthetic journey. Discover the freedom of movement, comfort, and confidence that comes with a prosthetic socket designed for you – because we believe everyone deserves a prosthetic experience that empowers and inspires.

  • Takes about an hour

    For a below the knee (“BK”) and above the knee (“AK”) socket

  • Lamination Materials:

    Fiberglass, Basalt or Carbon Fiber

  • Custom fit to your limb

  • Leg Fit in One Visit

    You can go right into therapy!